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Dear #KNUckleheands,

We unfortunately have to announce that Chaotic Neutral is coming to an end. We want to assure you that it was an amicable decision based on circumstances out of our control. We want to assure all of you that we are all still friends.

For those of you who want last minute prints or to say hi to our artists, you'll be able to see Yeti and The Kink Fairy at OkamaCon January 14th at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

You can still follow Yeti on Facebook, Deviantart, Storeenvy, and Patreon via @MarzipanDoodles! You can still follow The Kink Fairy's Facebook by adding Heather Rothman, and she's on Instagram, Twitter, Deviantart and Furaffinity under @TheKinkFairy!

Make sure to give them a like!

Moving forward, Enrique Bedlam, Prism Princess and Xerves Rödhamr will be forming their own company, Smoking Mirror Press, and we encourage you to keep up with them! Over the next week our social media pages will be evolving from Chaotic Neutral and into Smoking Mirror. Stay tuned for a website and convention appearances!

Again, we love you guys and love the community and hope you'll continue with us on our journey.

-Chaotic Neutral.